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Set up your first widget
Set up your first widget

How to create a widget in Endorsal

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Widgets are used to display testimonials collected by Endorsal on your website. This guide talks you through how to set up your first one.

Begin by heading to the Add new widget page.

Add a name for your widget and choose a widget type. The options are multiple testimonials or single testmonial.

Single testimonial widgets are great for when you have an individual testimonial in mind that you'd like to embed somewhere on your website.

Multiple testimonials widgets are used most of the time. They allow you to embed up to 30 testimonials in a carousel or grid layout.

Widget settings

Both multiple and single widget types allow you to customise their appearance with various settings. Head to either section for more information on those:

Set up theme

Once you've decided which type of widget you'd like to use and chosen its settings, you can work on the look of the widget.

In this section you can select a theme for the widget from a list of options and customise the layout/colors.

Finishing off

Once you're happy with the widget's theme, click the "Create widget" button. You'll then be taken a page with details on how to embed the widget into your website

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