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Set up your Wall of Love
Set up your Wall of Love

How to activate, set up and embed your Wall of Love

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Wall of Love is a premium feature in Endorsal that allows you to automatically create a beautiful, infinitely loading page that displays all of your testimonials. This guide will teach you how to set it all up.

Firstly, head to the Wall of Love page.Β 


You only have two options for your Wall of Love, number of columns and a minimum star rating for testimonials. The Wall of Love is fully responsive, meaning that on a mobile device a 3-column page will resize to a single column.


In the same way you can customise the theme for widgets, the Wall of Love allows you to style the testimonial appearance to suit your brand.

Once you're happy, click the "Create Wall of Love" button. This will activate it and reveal the unique embed code required to make it display on your website:

Then click "Copy to clipboard" and paste the code on your website where you'd like the Wall of Love to appear.
We recommend creating a new page with a heading and introduction at with the embed code added below that. This way you'll have an infinitely loading page, in the same vein as this:

​Congratulations, your Wall of Love is set up!

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