If you are unable to import reviews from Google My Business, it could be due to a number of factors. We understand it can be frustrating when things don't work. As import in Endorsal depends on external services and accounts, we need to ensure those areas are ok. 

Therefore this document presents the common causes and solutions to this issue. This means it is important to go through each section carefully.

Given that the following solves the issue in the majority of cases, we would appreciate it if everything here is checked, confirmed and attempted before coming back to us. To save your time and ours, and to provide more focused support, we may therefore ask for confirmation of these points. 

Review Criteria

For reviews to be imported, after clicking 'Save and Import', the reviews in the import list must meet the following criteria:

  • The reviews have comments
  • The reviews are within the Maximum character count (based on it's setting before the import process)
  • The reviews are public
  • The reviews were posted more than 48 hours before
  • The reviews are verified by Google

Review Count and Multiple Locations

To check that the issue is not a particular location, review, due to a large number or the list not fully display before 'Save and import' is clicked, please try the following. 

Please note: you may need to try this again if unsuccessful after the following Google Account checklist.

  • Choose one location only, ideally one that is not new.
  • Select a criteria (minimum rating and character count) that limits the number of reviews.
  • Wait for the list to fully finish (if you do this twice, you should get the same number both times).
  • Ensure that every review in that list meets the criteria in Review Criteria above.

Google Account

We need to ensure the Google account connection is ok, without log in issues, please try the following.

Please note: there have been issues reported when logging in with an account that is not the owner's account and is connected to multiple other Google businesses

  1. Log out of all other Google services in that browser (including other windows as well as tabs)
  2. Log out of Google in Endorsal
  3. Click 'Continue with Google'
  4. Log in to the Google account you need and Allow the account(s) you need
  5. Select the location and follow the import process

Google Account Email

In some cases we have reports issues when the linked email (to the Google My Business account) has 2-step verification activated.

If this could be the reason for your import issues, we recommend transferring ownership of the business listing to another email that does not have 2-step verification. This could resolve the issue.

Google My Business Issues

We can't rule out other issues on the Google My Business side that may prevent verification or import. Please check this also by logging directly into the Google My Business account.

If you have tried and confirmed all the above and still not working, let us know. We will look into it (be aware, we will likely ask you to confirm all the above has been checked).

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